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Fitoussi Property consists of two activities within the office located in the heart of the Kikar Haatzmaut Nathanya.

Visit us at 10 Kikar Haatzmaut and discover all our projects and properties for sale and for rent.


Property development

"Imagine with its customers places to live where they feel good."

Fitoussi is the job of Real Estate, a leading provider of real estate development on Nathanya and Tel Aviv.


"Imagine for each quality housing."

Fitoussi Estate homes built in Israel for nearly 10 years. He draws for all customers living spaces tailored to the needs and resources of each. At the height of the confidence of its customers, all construction projects were sold on plan.


Real estate

Agency Properties for sale or rent have all been reviewed and meet the demand of tourists and new immigrants in Israel.


Who are we?

With experience in real estate in France and Israel for nearly 10 years, Meyer Fitoussi wanted to make a serious response to the needs of the French.

Aware of the problems of tourists and new immigrants in Israel and the height of the confidence of its customers Fitoussi Real Estate has become a key player in Nathanya and Tel Aviv.


Our three values

Expertise: Property Fitoussi has a recognized expertise in Israel on all the business of promotion, sales and property rentals. He cultivated this expertise through collaboration with renowned partners, including architects, and development of talents of its employees.

Trust: Fitoussi Estate is committed to build on the trust relationship with all its partners.

Near: Fitoussi Real Estate is constantly attentive to the needs of its customers. Each of them has, throughout the project, a main contact who will answer any questions and advice.


General Director

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